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Woodend Flower Farm

Cafe au Lait Dahlia Seeds

Cafe au Lait Dahlia Seeds

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10 Open pollinated seeds collected in April / May 2023 from the much loved dahlia variety Cafe au Lait. With the intention of collecting seed from this much loved variety, Cafe was grown in numerous locations throughout our flower field next to other decorative varieties in many colours.

Dahlia genetics are complex, and dahlias grown from seed are not clones of their parents - but new dahlia varieties just waiting to be given their chance in the sun.

The wonderful thing about growing Dahlias from seed is the anticipation of seeing their first blooms - you never know what you're going to get! 

**Please note this is a pre-order item. We expect to begin shipping seeds in June / July with plenty of time to start seeds for the 2023/2024 dahlia season.**

Who knows - maybe you'll discover the next world wide sensation dahlia? 

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