Our Story

A photo of Vic wearing a brown felt hat and smiling into the camera in her former tiny urban vegetable garden

Meet Your Flower Farmer

Woodend Flower Farm has been a long time dream for Victoria, many hours were spent in the garden growing food and flowers dreaming of having more space where she could grow rows and rows of flowers as far as the eye could see.

Beginning with just over 100sqm of flower growing space in 2021, our fields have expanded over the last 3 years to approximately 1/2 an acre with another field on the way for the 24/25 season.

When not working on the farm, or pottering in the garden, Vic spends her time as a textile designer, creating knitting patterns, and handweaving on her 8 shaft floor loom.

As a designer Vic loves working with natural fibres and creating heirloom pieces intended to last a lifetime. You can find her work online at Victoria Pemberton.

At the end of the day to relax, Vic can often be found in the chicken coop with her bestie, Blanche.

Hope for the Future

"My hope for Woodend Flower Farm is to create a thriving eco-system on the land I am lucky to call home and share my beautiful blooms with my community and visitors to the area alike.

I'd like to take it one step further than the ideology of 'leave no trace' and 'leave it better than I found it' - full of wildlife, flowers, shrubs and trees. "