Dahlia Tuber Sales Info

"When will you be having your tuber sale?"

Every week I get a number of emails from people - all with the same question and desperate to know if they have missed out on my dahlia tuber sale.

That question is "When will you be having your tuber sale? Have I already missed it?"

My answer to that question is -
"I'm not sure yet, and no you haven't missed it!"

As of June 2024 I have not yet begun to divide my dahlias, and do not currently estimate having them ready for sale until late winter.

"How can I find out when you'll be having your tuber sale?"

By signing up to my mailing list (the form is at the bottom of every page in the green footer) - you will be informed in advance of the date and time I will list my excess dahlia tubers for sale.

When you sign up, please check your spam for an "opt in" email. You will also receive a welcome email with a little info about my farm.

Please note that with the heavy workload associated with farming (and me only being one person wearing every farm role hat) I am unable to respond to individual emails about dahlia tuber sales.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my dahlias and wanting to support my small business. I hope the information I've provided here helps you, and rest assured there is plenty of time to purchase dahlia tubers in 2024 before it's time to plant! At the time of me writing this - 5 months in fact!